Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summon Monster

Forgetting for a minute how much Summon Monster sucks compared to Summon Nature's Ally, does anyone else wish Paizo would put out fancy printed 3x5 cards with all relevant stat block info for every monster listed on the Summon Monster (and Natures Ally) spells? I found a place online with all of the Summon Monster spells but they (of course) have just standard 3.5 formatted monsters, AND, every one of them has SOOO MUCH TEXT in the Extraordinary and Spell-like abilities sections that it would be effectively impossible to run the monsters in a session quickly and easily. With that said, I have completed going through the Summon Monster IV and V creature lists and Pathfinder-ized all of them (changed Listen/Spot to Perception and Hide/Move to Stealth etc) as well as paring down the big blocks of text to much more managable levels.

I even copied and pasted all of the monsters and then tweaked them as if they were summoned by a caster with the Augment Summoning feat (+4 Str & +4 Con).

This should be pretty convenient in sessions now.

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