Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome to the Darkness

Who are we?
I'm John, I'm 41, am married with three daughters, and live in Royal Oak Michigan. I work for a smaller, regional bank, headquartered in Troy Michigan in I.T. I have been playing since around 1979-80 and have had many awesome years enjoyment from this hobby. I have never been published (never tried) but in honesty, I never tried either. I have been running my current campaign ("Thundain") since mid-2004. My previous campaign began at the release of 3.0 ("Cimmeron") and lasted until Thundain began. As you can see I have a history of running pretty long campaigns (maybe not so long as some people certainly). Anyway, a month or two ago I had decided to show my notes for my next campaign to my buddy Brian (currently playing the halfling rogue/cleric Romey Wanderbuck in Thundain) to get his thoughts. Pleasantly enough, Brian liked what he saw and shortly thereafter we decided to collaborate on the design and perhaps eventually try to actually sell the product of our labors.

What's Cavernia About?
Cavernia is the name of the world/setting I had started on and shared with Brian. It is designed for use with either standard DnD 3.5 or using Paizo's Pathfinder rules. We plan to release a PDF on both RPGNow and DriveThruRPG with a target price of $4.99. This PDF will describe the world of Cavernia, a world where the people live deep in the dark caverns and tunnels after having fled a global catastrophe hundreds of years earlier. This book will fully describe all of the major PC races, including underworld races for use as PC's. It will include very detailed religious details for all of the player races, detailed decriptions of areas of interest, significant NPC's, and many many other details. We will be releasing some preview details over the next few months, both here and on the Cavernia Google Site.

When Will Cavernia Be Available?
We are targeting August 2009 for the PDF to be available, roughly timed with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game final rules release. Check back for conversation related to our progress and whatever else pops into our heads.

That's about all we have right now!

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